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AppO in the Transport Industy

A large transport client was unlikely to meet projected service demand without AppO’s ability to consider thousands of initiatives and hundreds of value criteria.

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Client Challenge

AppO was used by an Australian transportation client with over 10,000 employees, $40 Billion assets under management and a $12 Billion per annum operating cost. The client needed to prioritise project initiatives to ensure future customer demand would be met.

Unable to meet demand

Existing infrastructure and operations unable to meet projected demand for services seven, fourteen and twenty years hence

Limited Detail

Limited detail in existing plans to engender confidence in ability to meet demand

The Process

The following actions were undertaken in order to optimise this client’s project budget.

Transport Industry Kepa Software

Condensed Viable Options

Over 2,000 initiatives were reduced to ~1,000

Increased Savings

Savings / costs avoided of approximately $20 Billion AUD.


AppO generated significant results within a very short timeframe, saving the client a massive amount of time and money.

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