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Intuitive Decision Support Software

AppO helps you make complex yet informed business decisions and plan strategic outcomes while considering tangible and intangible value measures.

You can prioritise any business investment portfolio with AppO measuring the key things that deliver benefit to the business.  Some common value measures include cost, financial benefits, capacity, risk (in any dimension), reputation, environmental, social, and governance (ESG). You can even include greenhouse gas emission (GHG) reporting frameworks as value measures.

AppO will also help you identify the impact of your decisions on each of your stakeholders (as your stakeholders see it).

Make Complex Decisions Swiftly With AppO

Save Time and Costs

Utilise our portfolio prioritisation approach to cut down on time and your transformation budgets.

Maximise Investment Performance

Identify the most valuable investment options in your portfolio and rank them according to relative business value.

Improve Strategic Alignment

Align your business plans and delivery of your strategy against a universal hierarchy of value measures.

Case Studies

Kepa Software has been used to solve complex decision, prioritisation and strategy development problems for clients within a range of industries. 

Want to maximise business value and minimise risk from your decisions? Tell us your problem, we’ll help you solve it, commitment free.

Greg Brennan
Greg Brennan
Former Group Head Insurance, Consumer Banking, Standard Chartered Bank
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“I have never experienced a more powerful, flexible and easy to use project portfolio selection tool. We achieved a strategically aligned and balanced portfolio with limited resources and in a very short time. I recommend you take a very serious look at AppO.”

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