A Kepa Case Study

AppO in Asset Management

AppO was tasked with improving asset maintenance prioritisation for a large asset manager.

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Client Challenge

AppO was utilised by an Asset Manager with:

  • Physical and digital assets under management
  • Over $200 Million of physical operations management assets
  • $28 Million annual budget to maintain operations management assets

Flawed maintenance practices

Existing maintenance practices were based on lifecycle management. Maintenance priorities were set relative to perceived importance of asset group.

High Failure Rate / slow recovery time

Failure rates were higher than similar organisations, with a slower than average recovery time. Maintenance costs were increasing.

The Process

The following actions were undertaken in order to optimise asset maintenance

Asset Management Kepa

Declining Failure and Recovery rate

After 6 months, both the failure rates and time to recovery were still in decline. Total downtime and maintenance costs were reduced.

Improved Maintenance Practices

AppO enabled Individual assets to be managed rather than groups or locations


AppO helped the client refresh and improve their maintenance processes in line with revised asset management practices and standards, delivering maintenance outcomes comparable with similar organisations and are still improving.

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