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AppO in Finance - Superannuation

AppO developed a large not-for-profit Superannuation Fund Manager’s transformation pipeline, enabling the discovery of “hidden” initiatives along the way.

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Client Challenge

AppO was utilised by a Superannuation client with:

  • 350 employees
  • $36 Billion AUD assets under management
  • $25 Million per annum transformation budget
  • Burgeoning but still immature approach to transformation project, program and portfolio management
  • 25 known transformation initiatives in flight

No initiative prioritisation

With 25 initiatives in flight, the company had no prioritisation process in place. This caused confusion with regard to resource allocations and priorities, planned outcomes and their benefits.

Poor processes

The business had limited business case support for transformation initiatives and poor governance and gating processes. Thus transformation and portfolio management processes were immature, and there was a widely held suspicion of "pet" and hidden projects.

The Process

The following actions were undertaken by the client in order to optimise the client’s project portfolio.

Superannuation Kepa

Initiatives Prioritised and Strategically Aligned

12 previously unknown initiatives were included within the portfolio making 37 known initiatives in total.
13 initiatives were in flight and 24 initiatives prioritised.
All projects are now demonstrably strategically aligned with universally understood planned project outcomes.

Improved processes and savings

Rigorous governance and gating, capital allocation processes ensure the problem never recurs. Transformation budget was temporarily increased from $24 Million AUD to $47 Million AUD per annum to reflect known business imperatives.
The total spend was lower than the previous actual spend because of the identification of pet and undisclosed (hidden) initiatives.
Savings estimate of around $3 Million AUD per annum.


AppO achieved significant results within a small timeframe, aligning transformation efforts to the strategic plan, and saving the client a relatively large amount of time and money.

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