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AppO in State Government

AppO was originally tasked with prioritising 460 transformation initiatives within a State Government client. More serious problems were identified and corrected as a result of the implementation process. 

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Client Challenge

AppO was utilised in a state Government agency, with:

  • 27,000 employees
  • $33 Billion AUD assets under management
  • $9 Billion AUD annual revenue
  • A transformation budget of $600 Million AUD per annum
The client had 460 concurrent transformation initiatives, many unsupported by rigorous business cases.

Poor Task management

There was limited management overview of the transformation pipeline, with a general misalignment and lack of understanding of delivery requirements causing slow progress in the majority of initiatives.

Poor Internal Processes

The inefficient planning and poor transformation governance processes were causing teams to be over-run with their workloads. This also resulted in confusion and unrealistic expectations among key stakeholders.

The Process

The following actions were undertaken in order to optimise the client’s transformation portfolio.

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Alignment, Saving and processes

The planned benefits to be derived from each initiative were universally understood and aligned. Rigorous governance processes were put in place to ensure problems do not recur.
The transformation budget was reduced from $600 Million AUD per annum to $540 Million, saving $60 Million per annum.

Initiatives Prioritised

460 concurrent transformation initiatives were reduced to 160, with 100 initiatives prioritised in business value order and awaiting execution.
200 initiatives were shelved pending appropriate business case support.


AppO underpinned the revision of transformation prioritisation and the supporting budget allocation in a very short timeframe, strategically aligning the entire portfolio, and saving the client a significant amount of time and money.

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