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AppO for Local Goverment

AppO was tasked with stopping transformation teams being overrun as a result of poor prioritisation.

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Client Challenge

AppO was tasked with prioritising 265 business transformation initiatives for an Australian local government. The client had:

  • 1,500 employees – 100 dedicated to transformation
  • A rate-paying population of 210,000
  • $3.6 Billion AUD of assets under Management
  • $500 Million AUD of annual revenue

Internal Teams Overloaded

Inefficient planning and prioritising was causing teams to be over-run with their workloads. This also resulted in confusion and unrealistic expectations among key stakeholders.

Limited Progress

The broad focus on a wide range of initiatives was diluting the amount of progress made within all of the initiatives.

The Process

The client undertook the following actions in order to optimise the transformation pipeline.

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Strategic Alignment and savings

The planned benefits to be derived from each initiative were strategically aligned and universally understood.

Approximately $2.3 Million AUD was saved.

Initiatives Prioritised

265 concurrently executing transformation initiatives were reduced to 23 in line with available resources. 180 initiatives prioritised in business value order and awaiting execution. 62 initiatives shelved due to poor business value.


AppO was utilised to generate significant results within a small time period, saving the client a relatively large amount of time and money.

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