Scenario-based Planning

The rise of the pandemic has injected uncertainty into business across the globe with many businesses having to re-plan the way they will do business in the future, which has spawned a series of new transformation investments in those businesses.

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Planning for the impact of COVID-19 will be enabled by the businesses ability to analyse and compare investment opportunities under multivariate sets of criteria to determine their relative contribution to business value under pandemic and non-pandemic conditions.

Having the capacity to apply multiple criteria hierarchies to potential initiatives allows the user to set up “what if” scenarios, testing potential investments individually and collectively to identify the set that is of most value under each scenario, identifying those that are of value under all scenarios, and those that should be instigated under an individual scenario, such as COVID-19.

Thus, and for example your business could identify the most appropriate actions to address the challenges presented by COVID and understand what changes might need to be made to allow the most pressing to occur.

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